Travel for 2019

When I was thinking about holidays for this year, I decided to do things a bit differently. I mean, I LOVE taking long holidays but they’re not always practical (getting leave approved, expense, etc) and this year I wanted to see more of Australia.

The decision I made was to do a lot of long weekends/short breaks, specifically to places I hadn’t been before (or haven’t spent much time at).

So far, I’ve spent 6 days in Noosa (and it was beyond amazing 😍), a long weekend (4 days) in Darwin in early March and I’ve just returned from a long weekend (2 nights) in Hobart. I have loved ALL of my trips thus far, and at some point I will come back and do blog posts for them.

Still on the list for this year I have:

The Canada trip was actually a very last minute decision. I hadn’t been planning to go anywhere overseas this year! But then the Rock the Rink tour was announced and I couldn’t NOT go! So first trip to Canada – YEW! 🇨🇦 I’ll be spending most of my time on the west coast in the BC area, though I’m also hoping to get over to Toronto and possibly the Banff/Jasper area as well.

The best bit I’m REALLY excited about with all these trips is that I’ll be going whale watching in ALL of those locations!! 😁 I deliberately moved my trip to Canada earlier so that I could visit during their whale watching season.

Stay tuned! No doubt I’ll be posting updates in the coming days/weeks. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions for things to do/places to stay/spots to visit for Canada or Perth, please feel free to share in the comments – I’d appreciate any help!

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